What it does: Particles like mold, plant pollen, germs, and dust are harmful to both you and your engine. Air filters keep the air that moves into the engine clean from clutter. Many automobiles have two various sorts of air filters. The engine air filter cleans the air taken into the engine and protects against added wear on the engine by eliminating contaminations. The cabin air filter cleans the air that flows into the cabin through the air flow system by taking out damaging elements from the air conditioning and heating systems.

Why service is important

Filth and particles may damage engine components, slow-moving performance, and even stop air circulation in the cabin. A dirty air filter can induce complications with gas economy, efficiency, discharges, and in some cases may lead to added engine repairs. Dirty or worn cabin air filters may badly impact Air Conditioning performance and may also pose a potential health threat for the driver and any passengers.


Car Filters might need to be changed if you have:

  • Loss of engine power or gas economy

  • Emissions issues

  • Odd, damp, or musty smells when the vent out is on


Japanese Auto Plus offers Engine and Cabin Air Filter Replacement


It's suggested that the cabin air filter be changed every 12,000 miles, or at least yearly. Air filters need to be checked often, and need to be changed every 3,000 - 15,000 miles or with your oil change. Autos driven in harsh road conditions, dirty roads, off-roading, roadway construction, or icy roads treated with ice salt, require the air filters changed more often.


Air filters keep the air that moves into the engine clean and free from particles, and protects against extra wear on the engine by eliminating contaminations. Our highly qualified and friendly technicians are always happy to respond to any sort of inquiries you might have pertaining to your air filters.


Contact Japanese Auto Plus to set up your air filter replacement. Japanese Auto Plus is thrilled to be your number one auto repair shop. 

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