Heating and A/C systems could wear out gradually with use, proper upkeep could maintain your vehicle cabin temperature for the comfort of you and your passengers. Japanese Auto Plus offers quality auto repair services and auto air conditioning repair.


What they do: Heating and A/C systems work to keep your vehicle cabin warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The A/C system additionally serves a twin function of operating your defrost in the winter months. Heating systems are made up of a heating unit core that acts like a small radiator behind the dash, fan, and hoses that run the heat energy from the engine to the core. A/C systems operate similarly, by delivering coolant to the fan to blow cold air in the cabin. Unlike home cooling and heating systems, your heating system and air conditioning do not fully operate off electric components, but they use the engine's heat energy and the engine's cooling abilities to change the temperature level.


Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service


Why service is very important: Heating and A/C systems can easily wear out gradually with usage, hoses can stop up and leak otherwise serviced, causing inadequate efficiency or a lack of heating and cooling abilities. Proper upkeep could keep your car comfortable for you and your passengers.

Ways to tell if your heating and A/C are having issues:


  • If your A/C blows only slightly cooler compared to the air exterior

  • Air that blows in smells wet, musty, or like mildew

  • Your cabin does not heat up in winter, or is just a little warmer than outside

  • The defroster takes longer compared to normal to work, blows in grimy air, or doesn't work

  • Your heating system or A/C just operates when driving, not when idling, or stops blowing when the vehicle is idle

  • Your heating system blows chilly air, or the air conditioning blows warm

  • At the highest setting, your vents do not put out much air


An extensive inspection of heating and a/c systems includes:

  • Evaluating the interior commands and blower

  • Examining radiator coolant degree, hoses, pressure cap and thermostat

  • Examining the compressor belt

  • Examining for punctures or various other damage

  • A cooling system pressure examination

  • Comparing the air conditioning pressure to manufacturer requirements

  • Screening the air conditioning system for refrigerant leaks

  • Check the interior vent air temperature level


Japanese Auto Plus offers quality Auto A/C Repair


Remember to arrange your heating or air conditioning inspection before the heat of the season, to guarantee you have the most relaxed driving experience. Call us now to schedule your next auto A/C repair or other auto repair. Japanese Auto Plus is proud to be your local auto repair shop.

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